Indecisiveness Coupon

These things unfurl,
Showing shadowy breath;
And rings of fire,
Describing servitude.

One nation under God,
The blasphemy of bombing saints.

Go forth with one
Directive; a circumspect revelation,
Describing hell and its inhabitants
In terms of biological warfare.

Canon law prevents
Dissociation of holy text;
Schizophrenic contours
Traversing the flattened exterior
Of a single page of biblical prophecy.

So when the holy men
Call down fire from the sky;
And the hashtag #hellonearth
Rises up to trend,

This is the end;
Bare your mark.


Gregory’s Trek

Jersey Ridge Road,
Covered with asphalt,
And vacant dreams;

Expending the soul’s journey
Deliberately making espionage
Between mile markers.

Examining birth matter,
And the denizens of dung;

As each contrivance centers
Upon the calling of the world to one
Inheritance; follow left or right
As the signs shed light
Upon arrival.


A violent thrust,
As the horn of his majesty’s
Head strikes sail;
And circumvents prevention
Burning the hull with oil and death.


The spiritual center of Egypt;
Speaking Sodom’s mind,
And a great many things
Whose lips are uncircumcised,
And culminates in a trail of dead.

Molestations slip through their fingers;
And the cabinets filled with fragments
Of History’s identities,

Tracing back through time,
The evidences of schism and divide.


As pertaining to the times,
As Earth revolves,
And Moon becomes a blight;
So does Lucifer’s light.

Extinguished and dissolved,
Left mud and ash,
And oil;

The days of governance
Of cattle and slaves,
And kings;

While patience watches,
Estimating eternity’s tomorrow;
Inscribing in ink upon the watchmen,
The depths of sorrow,
Whose wrath is born on angels’ wings.


The bends in the road,
Parallel to the more mischievous
Parts of my reflection in the mirror.

Those curves and corkscrews,
Whose patterned parts
Are undiscovered countries;
Thirsty for the rains
Of America.

Greedy as sin,
Sweeping up the larger portion;
Portfolio perfected by the flood,
And my old man’s camp
Squeezing out libations
Into the bowls of Baal.

Purple mountains
Marking the dawn,
Of latter day sinners;
Who go on trusting
In their god of wealth,
Affluence and power,

While the war for Heaven
Unfolds before our eyes.


Scarlet hyphenation as was
Depleted by the gods of antiquity;
Your gyration and complicated
Bouts of synergy,

Trickling down into the bowl of
Castrated apparatuses;
My likely flair,
Keeping the absolutism in check,

While making angels flock to some
Imaginary debris; false god.

Here in my home of divergent
And contradictory, dissociative
Suck face pig nosed amalgams;
Mind control metaphorical suicides.

Seismic arrays of
First kiss sunsets
Before the Temple of Saturn.